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Here at Electrician Harlow we are experts at smoke alarm installations. A smoke alarm is a device that detects smoke from a fire and sounds an alarm to warn people inside or near the building. The alarm alerts people who can then escape before they get hurt or killed by the fire. Smoke alarms also alert people who might not know about the fire, such as sleeping residents, and give them time to escape before they get hurt or killed by the fire.


The smoke alarms consists of two parts: the alarm and the sensor. The sensor detects smoke, while the alarm alerts people by sounding an audible warning (usually a high-pitched sound). The sensor may also detect other forms of gas or particles in addition to smoke, such as carbon monoxide or natural gas.

Smoke alarms are a type of fire detection device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. They are a part of a home’s fire alarm system.

Mains alarms are powered by the building’s electrical mains supply and do not require batteries to operate. Mains alarms can be interconnected to form an all-hazards system, meaning that they will sound the alarm if any type of hazard is detected (e.g., smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide).

Battery alarms have a battery as their power source and usually have a test button to ensure the battery is working properly. The battery should be replaced at least once every year or two depending on how it is used and other factors such as climate conditions.

Electrician Harlow can install both types of smoke alarms.