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Here at Electrician Harlow we are able to install Storage heaters. are usually installed in buildings where it is difficult to install radiators, such as bungalows and cottages. They are also used in rooms that need extra heating, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Storage heaters use convection or radiation to transfer heat from one area to another. They often have an external casing made of metal or plastic which helps them retain their warmth for long periods of time. Storage heaters are available in various sizes and shapes, so they can be used in different spaces and areas.


A Storage Heater is a type of heater that can store hot water and release it at a later time. This is achieved by storing the hot water in a tank and using it when needed. The storage heater can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Storage heaters are generally more efficient than traditional storage systems because they work on the principle of storing heat rather than cold, which means that they use less energy to maintain the desired temperature. Contact Electrician Harlow if you would like assistance in installing one!

How Storage Heaters are installed 

Storage heaters are a type of heating system that is installed inside the building. They are mainly used for homes that have poor insulation or no insulation at all. The storage heater is connected to the hot water tank and cold water tank by pipes. The pipes go through the wall where they connect to the next room. This way, when cold air comes into the room, it will be heated up before it goes into your house. Electrician Harlow will make sure all the components are correct before we start the installation.

Types of Storage Heaters

Space Heaters: Space heaters are the most common type of heater and they come in various types and sizes. They can be used indoors and outdoors and they come with a variety of features like thermostats, timers, remote controls, etc.

Convection Heaters: These are the second most common type of heater. They work by using a fan to circulate air from a central heating unit. It then heats up as it moves through the convection system.

Radiant Heaters: These heaters use infrared waves to produce heat which is then absorbed by objects around them. Since these waves have a shorter wavelength than other types of heaters, these emit less energy which means that they also use less energy or electricity to produce the same amount of heat as other types of space.

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